The main party of the year is held this time in Hercules. On Friday, we will start with the warm-up party with Recon and on Saturday there will be the main party.
There’s a hot show on stage and a big darkroom again.  On Sunday, we’ll be having a brunch in Kaarti.

Fri 23.8.
19 Fetish social dinner in Manala
21-04 Recon’s Party at Hercules

Sa 24.8.
12-14 Puppy walk in Suomenlinna
14:30 Lunch at Suomenlinna
17 Tom of Finland tour, starts from Klaus K
21-06 Finlandization 33 main party

Su 25.8.
12-15 Brunch in Kaarti

See also the event from Recon!

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