Black leather forms the basis of the whole leather scene. It can be motorcycle gear – which you can also get in colours other than black – different kinds of uniforms made out of leather, or a leather jacket and leather trousers. A classic is a pair of black chaps over jeans. Black boots or a harness are also traditional parts of the leather outfit.


Rubber or latex wear. Rubber can be anything from heavy industrial protection gear to a pair of small shorts or a tight t-shirt. Lots of normal clothes can also be bought as rubber, e.g. trousers, uniform shirts, bomber jackets, chaps and wrestling suits. And then there are all the accessories: waders, rubber boots, gloves, and the gas mask.


Who can say no to a man in uniform? Uniform can be uniforms from the military, the police or for example a security company.


Camouflage or combat gear from the military is very popular. Today you can buy many different kinds of fashionable clothes made of camouflage fabric, but not all of it complies with dress code. The army dress code is the sort of gear that soldiers wear, e.g. camouflage trousers and an army vest or shirt.


First of all: to be a skinhead means very short hair on your head. Apart from that, typical skinhead gear is a polo shirt from Lonsdale or Fred Perry, a pair of bleached jeans and a bomber jacket. Braces and long 20-30 hole boots are an extra plus.


Construction is work wear, from construction industry, earth work, workmen or farming.


The clothing used in some sports is acceptable in the MSC Dresscode. Examples include a full outfit used in ice hockey, american football, soccer, wrestling or cycling.

Not all clothing used in sports is accepted; examples of unacceptable clothing include clothing meant for golf or chess.


Traditional, masculine denim and not the latest street fashion denim. For example jeans, a vest or a jacket are acceptable, given that the overall impression is ok.